Tips for effective work from home

Tips for effective work from home

Covid 19 pandemic added some new words to our everyday vocabulary like quarantine and self-isolation. One of these words or phrases that has been around since the advent of the internet on the global scenario is ‘work from home.’ While many have been practicing this for years, some of us are very new to this kind of work. We are still not used to our dog sitting in front of us, waiting for a pat while we are busy on a zoom call. After all who can concentrate on work when your favorite living being is asking for some love.

In order for you to enjoy the extra time with your dog, you need to set some ground rules so that your productivity at work isn’t affected negatively. 

Here’s a practical guide for effective work from home:

Set a schedule

While all of us really like the flexibility provided by remote work, not setting a schedule may sabotage your overall productivity. Setting a schedule is a positive move. It informs you that there’s a deadline for that extra five minutes you are spending on the bed. You need to start working by 10 and you better get ready for it.

Set some ground rules 

If you don’t live alone and have a family or partner living with you, you might want to set some ground rules. You can’t be distracted by kids when you are on a video conference with your team.

It would be great if you have a room all for yourself because that way, you can inform your roommate that you are not to be disturbed. And in case of any emergency, a text would suffice.       

However, if you don’t have the luxury of a separate room, find a dedicated space to work, and please, don’t just work from your bed. Your bed is the place you go for relaxation and your body is aware of that. Even inherently, you might doze off if you are working from the bed.

Take scheduled breaks 

You cannot work eight hours at a stretch even if it’s from the comfort of your home. You might miss that occasional nicotine intake on the office balcony gossiping with your colleagues. While you can’t get that working from home, you can certainly lie on your back for a few minutes or do some stretching. It’s better to schedule that break. Ideally, take a ten-minute break after every couple of hours and a thirty-minute break for lunch.  

Invest in your office space 

Let’s be realistic, the pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon. Thus, there seems to be no going back to the office in near future so, make your work from experience as comfortable as possible. To achieve that you might need to invest in a few things:

  • A comfortable chair 
  • Fast internet
  • Blu-rays blocker glasses  

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